Our story


In the same year (2008), the name Vietutd was born, the domain name vietutd.com was registered. It is a pleasure that it is still maintained, and fortunately, the name is already known by many users, from all over the world.

Over the past 10 years, so many things have changed. Technology changed, the world changed, people changed. Only the spirit of vietutd.com or Apps Vietutd remains the same: The applications, though small, must be useful and dedicated to users. Whether it's millions, thousands, or just a single user.

Maybe it all started with the admiration we have for Google, and still do. It has helped us from being an enthusiastic user to becoming a developer, providing applications in the Google ecosystem.

In addition to finding potential applications from this ecosystem, combined with our own and customers' needs, we have gathered to produce unique and effective applications. Booking Calendar is one of them.

Booking Calendar (BC)

Created at the end of 2017, stemming from the need to have a booking system from 2 of our customers, one in the education, the other in the medical. From the very first version, Google experts were very interested in this idea. They seem to expect the app to be in the store soon as well as we do. And when that becomes a reality, it's nice that users are excited about the app too.

In 2020, when the covid-19 epidemic broke out in Italy, we were very nervous and proud when a hospital chose BC as a system to schedule examinations and testing for people suspected of having the virus. On peak days BC serves up to several thousand bookings.

However, since then with positive feedback from users, we have continuously fixed bugs and improved the application a lot. And this work is still going on every day, every hour.

Unlike being a user, as a provider, we understand how important it is to maintain an application. It's been tough, but it's also a rewarding experience along with a sense of pride and finding this work useful.

Sincerely thank you, thanks to everyone who has used, commented, and created, helping Booking Calendar to be in the status quo it is today.

We all aspire to a beautiful world, with many innovations, but still sustainably maintaining good core values.

Best regards.

BC team, from Apps Vietutd