BC instruction

  1. How to install booking calendar to your google account:

Step 1

Go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and search "Booking Calendar" which provided by Apps Vietutd or you can just enter this link

step 2

Click to install option and then a dialog would appear. Choose continue to continue setup.

step 3

After you select "Continue", Google would ask you to choose account to install. Choose your account.

Step 4

After you have completed step 3, Google will ask if you agree with BC's authority over your account. If you trust BC, press "allow".


After doing step 4, if you see this dialog box, congratulations, you have successfully installed BC for your Google account.

Now if you want to deploy BC to work, let's move to instruction below.

2. How to use and deploy booking calendar (require bc installed) :

step 1

BC is an add-on (extension tool ) for Google form. So the first thing we need is a Form created by your Google account.

Let's create a new Form.

step 2

In your Form, you look at your top-right corner, you'd see a puzzle icon. You press it and it should show all your add-ons include "Booking Calendar" - BC .

Next, choose "Booking Calendar".

( If you don't see Booking Calendar after select puzzle icon, you should check did your account install BC )

step 3

After you complete step 2, A small dialog will appear. You choose "Configure Booking Calendar" to start configure BC.

Step 4

After you have completed Step 3, wait for a while, a small dialog box will appear at the bottom-right.

There are 2 option for you: free plan - "Free plan" and the paid plan - "Unlimit daily bookings"

You can read more about our Subscription plans and following profits in here.

In this instruction, we would demo Free plan first. So choose "Free plan" and hit "Next" button.

Step 5

Booking Calendar will ask you to choose your Google Calendar - the calendar that corresponds to your Google account.(You can read more about Google Calendar here )

In this Example, we'll select "Create a new calendar" to create a new calendar for my account.

Step 6

Feel free to name your new calendar here and then press "Create" button.

step 7

After you complete name your calendar, a message will appear to confirm it.

Hit "Next" button

Step 8

Choose "Create Sync Dropdown field" to create a dropdown field to your Form.

Wait for a moment and you would see your form appear a Dropdown field and a pop up message in the BC configuring box.

Press "Next" to continue.

step 9

Choose Enable summiter's email field to create a field which collect all the summiter's mail. After that, click "Next" to move on.

step 10

This dialog pop up means you have enough elements to run BC.

Press "Continue" to deploy BC.

Step 11

A new message appear and you'd notice that there are 3 demo BC slot add to your Dropdown field in your form.


You can check the demo time slot by access to your Google Calendar and select to display calendar you just created or simply click to "add more event slots".

Step 13

You can now click preview to test your form and see how's BC working.

step 14

You can watch our instruction's video to get more explaination about settings or just review how to deploy BC and setup calendar.

3. How to uninstall bc (require bc installed) :

Step 1

Go to the Google Workspace Marketplace and search "Booking Calendar" which provided by Apps Vietutd or you can just enter this link

step 2

Once you are on the page, simply click on the uninstall option.

Every sync function from BC will stop working.

If you have any problems, you can visit our FAQ or get support by contact to us via here.