Google(Form + Calendar) = Booking system

"They take advantage of technology, they are our clients"

To begin, let's get acquainted first

So..... what is booking calendar ?

Booking Calendar is an "add-on" use for Google forms.

It connect then sync Google Forms and Google Calendar that the submitter can book Calendar's events.


Why do we exist ?

Booking calendar is born to help you and your organization organize your time in a more scientific and manageable way but with a very accessible and simple approach.

Sounds interesting ?...let's give a try.

This Demo will takes you about 5 minutes, but it may change the way you schedule appointments for your clients ( If you want to skip this you can click here to see the setup's instruction and Pricing. thank you )


As you can see, this is a normal Google calendar with a lot of events which is stands for your everyday-things to do or your works.

Booking calendar acts as someone who will keep reminding you (or maybe others) by mail so you can't miss an event.

So to continued, we must insert the destination

Please enter your mail address and you can choose what event you want to get notification.

Check your mail and wait for the result......

After that result, what is the meaning of BC

I.As a Form creator :

. You can easily control and creating choice for your customer, for your client or participants.

. You can simple create event by using your own Google Calendar

II.As a receiver :

. You can see how fast it is by just find and select your suitable time in stead of typing your time and wait for the respond.

To move to installation's guide and setup instruction, please click here .

About pricing ?

You would receive 7 days free trial with full options. For more detail, please click here

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